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    2019 Mogford Prize Shortlist

2019 Mogford Prize Shortlist

A huge congratulations to the 4 writers, listed below, who have been shortlisted this year’s prize.

This year’s judges; Jeremy Mogford, Julian Barnes, and Tim Hayward, would like to announce the shortlist for the 2019 Mogford Prize.

In alphabetical order, they are:
– April Pierce (UK)
– John Simpson, CBE (UK)
– Elisabeth Ingram Wallace (UK)
– Tahira Yaqoob (UK)

The winner of this year’s prize will be announced during the Mogford Prize Party on 3rd April 2019 and will be posted on this website the day after.

An overview of each author’s story, plus a brief biography, can be found below…

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‘The Afterparty’ by April Pierce

The local villagers keep a secret. In summer their doors are open and tourists are welcomed. When the season is over the locals scurry around looking over their shoulders. One lucky tourist is invited to share their secret and as a consequence makes the village her home.

Born and raised in California, Dr Pierce teaches at The American School in England (TASIS). She has taught English at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, and is the founder and director of Oxford Writers’ House, a hub for the writers in the university and the city of Oxford.

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‘The Last Night at the Palazzo’ by John Simpson

The Palazzo on the Amalfi Coast has been in the marchese’s family for five generations. No longer making money, it is forced to close. The marchese spends his last night cooking for a lone female guest who tells him that this has been the best evening of her life.

John Simpson has been a familiar face for over forty years reporting on international affairs as a BBC foreign correspondent. During his eventful career, he has covered 46 wars and for a time was the chief political editor and presenter of the 9’clock News. He has published 12 non-fiction books and 3 novels. The most recent novel, Moscow Midnight, was published in 2018.


‘Corvidae’ by Elisabeth Ingram Wallace

An eccentric woman lives alone on the Ardnish Peninsula in Scotland where no other house stands for 27 miles. Occasionally tourists drive past, stopping to buy her fruit or honey from the honesty box. She sells a goat skin to a bird watcher with dire consequences.

Elisabeth Ingram Wallace lives in Glasgow and writes flash fiction and short stories for which she has won many awards. She is a senior editor for Flash Fiction at TSS Publishing and for Best British and Irish Flash Fiction 2018-2019. She studied at Oxford University and has an M.Litt. from the University of Glasgow.


‘Café Beirut’ by Tahira Yaqoob

A grieving mother serves a general and his entourage refreshments each day in her small restaurant. Each day she panders to the general’s needs until one day she cooks him a very special meal.

Tahira Yaqoob has previously written for most Fleet Street newspapers. She spent seven years at the Daily Mail as a news reporter and then as deputy showbusiness editor. She helped launched The National in 2008, an English-Language broadsheet in the UAE, where she is currently Comment Editor. This is the second time Tahira has been shortlisted for the Mogford Prize.