Mogford Prize


Apr 8, 2014

The London-based caricaturist, Guy Carter, was the winner of the 2014 Mogford Prize for Food & Drink Writing for his short story ‘Carnivores’. Guy’s short story was selected from over 400 entries by founder of the prize, Jeremy Mogford, and two guest judges: Donald Sloan, co-founder and chair of Oxford Gastronomica and head of the Oxford School of Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes University, and Geraldene Holt, the award-winning food writer and journalist.


Guy Carter is a successful London-based caricaturist and a member of the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain. He writes short stories and poetry in his spare time and was short-listed for The 2014 Manchester Writing Competition for poetry.


Guy’s winning story tells of an exclusive restaurant franchise serving exotic meats. It concerns Julian Asprith, a restaurant critic who cannot believe his luck when he is invited to join a billionaire at an exclusive restaurant named Carnivores. Exotic meats cooked in innovative ways are the plats du jour, and diners are only told what they are eating once the dish arrives at their table. Finally, Julian will be able to experience, at first-hand, what these exclusive diners eat.